Vancouver Sun review: "We have to get this one right, and thoughtful books like The Patch may well help us do so. This is required reading for all engaged citizens."

Alberta Views feature review: "Signature blend of intelligent, expansive and energetic reportage"   

Fort McMurray Today interview: "Turner explores the environmental and economic challenges mounting against the oilsands ... and how the oilsands can meet these challenges." 

J-Source interview:  "The Patch aims to paint a clearer and more nuanced picture of the role the oil sands play in Canada."

CBC News: "It's easy to object to a pipeline. It's harder to contend with the massive national project that is the oilsands." 

The Globe & Mail review: "His book is really a search for some middle ground." 

The Globe & Mail, 23 Sept 2017: No. 8 on Canadian Non-Fiction Bestseller list  

The Agenda with Steve Paikin (TVO): "Finding Middle Ground in the Oil Sands Debate" (interview - full video) 

101.5 UMFM (University of Manitoba radio): Interview - full audio 

Daybreak Alberta (CBC Radio 1 Alberta): Interview - full audio

The Eyeopener (CBC Radio 1 Calgary): Interview transcript 

Maclean's: "Though his background is in environmental writing, Turner finds blame on both sides of this ever-noisy and nuance-starved debate." 

The Globe & Mail: One of "the most anticipated books of 2017" 

 Toronto Star: "The Patch breaks from the scrum of industry boosters and celebrity-flashing environmentalists to provide an accessible, balanced perspective on what Turner describes as “one of the most colossally scaled engineering projects in human history. 

Georgia Straight (Vancouver): "Turner has provided a holistic account of one of the largest industrial developments in human history."

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